Christian Lödden in der ComputerWeekly zur EuGH-Vorlage des LG Berlin in Sachen EncroChat

Unser Partner Rechtsanwalt und Strafverteidiger Christian Lödden hat in der ComputerWeekly den EuGH-Vorlagebeschluss des LG Berlin erklärt und kommentiert.

Christian Lödden, a defence lawyer, described the decision by the Berlin Regional Court to ask the CJEU for a decision of legal basis in European law for the EncroChat operation as “historic”.

He said courts in other European countries were now expected to seek clarification from the CJEU. “The flood is coming,” he said.

"The most important question is whether there is a European version of criminal procedural law, which could include an unwritten law, which says that if evidence is not disclosed to defendants, can it be used as evidence in court," said Lödden.

Den gesamten Artikel finden Sie hier.

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